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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hillary Has 18 Reasons and There's One Severed Head

Have you heard? It’s really big news! Hillary has 18 reasons for why she lost the election! I have seen a lot of shares on social media for the article about Hillary Clinton having 18 reasons (excuses) for losing the election. Oh, and let us not forget the photo! A fake severed head that looks like our president. It is disgusting! It’s so… so… dare I say it… not PC! I have said on social media that I would be outraged if it was Obama or Hillary depicted in the photo, but I imagine if it was one of them, I would be told to stop being such a liberal cry baby and to stop worrying so much about political correctness. 

Who cares? Politicians care. 

Why do politicians care? They care because it distracts us from the real news. It’s something we can boost our ego with, something we can moan and complain about, something we can use to show how right we are and how wrong everyone who doesn’t agree with is, something they use to keep us loyal to them, no matter how much they vote against our best interests. Basically, it’s the same BS as the Keep Christ in Everything campaigns I wrote about a couple of Christmases ago. I don’t mean to pick on conservatives, although you might have a hard time believing that, considering my liberalism. I would be the first to point out that progressives do it too and just as often. 

And. We. Keep. Falling. For. It. 

We make it so easy for them! But, after seeing that photo and the Hillary article a hundred times, I had the thought that I could probably come up with 18 reasons why we should not care about Hillary’s reasons.

So here are 18 reasons why you should not give senseless articles (or photos) like that the time of day; 18 things our politicians are trying to distract us from:

1. They are cutting Medicaid for people who need it the most, by $880 billion. Billion – not million.
2. They are making coverage for pre-existing conditions optional.
3. They are making pregnancy coverage optional.
4. They are making coverage for lab tests optional.
5. They are making coverage for ambulance trips optional. 
6. They are giving almost a trillion – Trillion, not billion – dollar tax break to people who do not need it.
7. They are making health care even less affordable for older, poor Americans by raising premiums 750%.
8. They are kicking 24 million Americans off health insurance.
9. They did not bother to read the bill for any of the above before passing it.
10. The bill they didn’t read reorganizes 1/6 of the American economy.
11. They pulled the U.S.A. out of the Paris Climate change agreement, allowing the remaining nations to reap all the benefits of jobs and industries that will be created in those countries. 
12. They are weakening clean water safeguards. Remember all that lead in the water in Flint, Michigan?
13. They are rolling back clean air and climate protections. Remember acid rain back in the ‘80s?
14. They have slashed the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency.
15. There are currently no bills for a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress, as promised during the Trump campaign: “Under my contract with the American voter, we are proposing a series of ethics reforms on day one to end government corruption. They include a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.” [Sanford, FL, 10/25/16]. A bill was proposed but went nowhere.
16. There are still no plans for any ethics reforms, as promised by Trump during his campaign: “Under my contract with the American voter we’re proposing a series of ethics reforms on day one to end government  right? To end government corruption.” [Tallahassee, FL, 10/25/16]
17. There is still no five-year ban on congressional and White House officials becoming lobbyists, as promised during the Trump campaign: “Therefore, on the first day of my term of office, my administration will immediately pursue the following six measures to clean up the corruption and special interests collusion in Washington. … Fourth, a five-year ban on White House and congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service.” [Gettysburg, PA, 10/22/16]
18. There are now more Goldman Sachs executives in positions of power than ever before, even though there were promises to “drain the swamp”.
19. Betsy DeVos, an opponent of public education, is now in charge of public education.
20. Jeff Sessions, an opponent of the Voting Rights Act, is now in charge of voting rights.
21. Ben Carson, an opponent of the Fair Housing Act, is now in charge of fair housing.
22. Monsanto is still polluting the world.
23. GMO's are still not labeled on our foods.
24. At least one of her reasons is legitimate. There is an investigation. Our politicians want you to believe that none of them are legitimate, which is the reason for the article. It's a political strategist's tool to keep us from paying attention to what's happening in the investigation.  

Well, would ya look at that! I found 24 things we actually could / should be paying attention to. I’m sure there are more. Am I nit-picking on those promises since it has only been four and one-half months since he took office? Maybe... probably.... but he did promise to do those things on his very first day. I would think a tremendous, best, totally awesome, wonderful, terrific, really hugely popular winner like him would be able to get it done in one day, seeing as how he promised it and all. 

I’m sure, if you read this blog regularly, you have noticed it getting more political. I know I said I would not make it political, but I find that everything is spiritual. That is my nod to Rob Bell. Politics is spiritual. Even Jesus was involved in it. That is why they murdered him. If you get more worked up over a cup, or a photo, or an article that bashes your opponent, than you do about all the things I listed above, then you have lost the plot. (Another nod to Rob Bell) 

What would Jesus think of all this? I’ll leave the answer to that one for you to decide. 

Peace and love, Friends!

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